Monday, January 31, 2022

The Quiet of January

Many people claim to hate winter, especially January, but don't count me in that number. January is a welcome respite from the crazy Christmas rush, even though I actually do love the holidays. But it's stressful! When January comes along afterwards, the world just stops to say "Ahhhhh". Along that line,  I love when the holiday decorations come down, and the house feels fresh and clean again. Christmas decorating is fun and festive, but there's always an element of clutter that I just can't get past. I prefer my home without them! 

It's a little strange to have something of an empty calendar this time of year, after the holidays. I still have my piano lessons, book club, and yoga, but there is plenty of space left over to putter around the house, and do as I wish. At the top of that list is usually craft projects. One of my Christmas gifts was a small punch needle project, given as a new craft to try. I found it be fun, but stabby, as my fingers can attest! I also wanted to show off my Diamond Dotz project, which I finished last year. It was very zen to be placing each tiny dot, numbered in the thousands. Not pictured here is my latest craft attempt, a paint by number. I'll wait until it's finished before showing it off. I have to admit, this may be my only attempt at paint by number. It just isn't something I'm good at. 

I crochet year round, but it's more enjoyable in winter when my current project can keep me warm while I work. I finished up yet another blanket for my own home, and it ended up being one of my favorites. I have a small ladder to display some of my blankets, and it's getting full! And yet, I have another blanket in mind, it will also be for our own use. Currently, I'm working on a blanket gift, so I don't want to show that one just yet. I did stop briefly to stitch up a scarf for my cousin, to match her new coat. 

It's been a cold and snowy January, especially compared to the warm and wet December just past. I noticed that I never took a single photo outside in the yard this month. But I did drive through Blacklick Woods for some snow views. It's my favorite place to watch the snow fall, but I'm still waiting for one of those snow events where it sticks to every branch. That's when the snow is magical! 

Trust me, there are no flowers outside now, even though there was in December. Instead, I often pop into Trader Joe's for kitchen bouquets. Plus my amaryllis finally bloomed twice, my little cactus showed off a few flowers, and I had to have this tiny African violet. It's still not enough flowers! 

Not much else new around here in the quiet of January, so I'll close with my usual sunsets. Thanks for stopping by!