Monday, June 3, 2013

The Evening Walk

My after dinner walk doesn't take me very far. As a matter of fact, I don't even need to wear shoes. You see, my evening walk is simply a stroll through the garden. I just have to check and see what's blooming. I don't actually do any work in the garden at this time, I just observe and take pictures. It's my nightly ritual.
I might make mental notes of work that needs doing. Maybe I see weeds that need pulling, or plants that need moving, or flowers that need deadheading. Either way, it won't get done on the evening walk. That's just a time to relax and take it all in. 

 The best part of my walk is finding a new bloom. Each one must be photographed. You see, this blog has become my garden journal. By recording each new bloom, I'll know when they bloomed in the past.

One of the things I watch for on my evening walk is the presence of pests. This is the time to look for damage that I may be able to fix. Unfortunately, I know that soon I'll be finding my arch nemesis out there. Japanese beetle season will be here soon, and I'll be waging war against this most hated of foes.

But mostly I just look and enjoy. Sometimes I find myself simply gently touching a new bloom, almost like a caress. Don't judge...

If you saw flowers this soft and lovely, wouldn't you feel like touching them?
So try it yourself. Take a quick tour of your garden every evening. Or do it in the morning if you are more of a morning person. This simple little ritual will keep you more in tune with your garden, while also making you more relaxed. What are you waiting for? Go!


  1. I love walking around my yard and gardens in the late morning. Isn't it amazing that it seems you find something new every day to delight you? :-)

  2. What cheerful looking plants you have. The foliage in the third photo is really striking. I really enjoy garden 'walks' too and enjoy the birds singing etc.

  3. Your garden looks so beautiful Robin. I love the yellow yarrow. It is always so relaxing to walk in the garden each day and surveying how things are changing and what is blooming now. My favorite time of the day like you.

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  4. Robin girl this is a beautiful after dinner walk !
    I love your roses .. my poor Zephirine D. has had to be cut back severely ..a bit of a rust problem .. so we had to start from scratch all over again .. big sigh.
    Now we are in cloudy .. rainy .. cool weather that doesn't exactly suit roses .. so growth will be delayed yet again .. but in general this rain is good for the garden ..
    Wonderful place to walk and relax !
    Joy : )

  5. Love the foxgloves! I've not had much time for enjoying my garden but when the daylilies start blooming, that's my cue for the daily (morning) walk as mush-mummying is my form of therapy. What a lovely tour through yours....thanks, Robin!


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