Saturday, April 30, 2022

April Smiles in the Nest

 April is such a happy month in the garden of Robin's Nest. It's a time when flowers pop up constantly, while the blooms start getting bigger and bolder than the early ones. 

The weather has been rainy and slightly cool, so trying to get the garden ready for planting has been a challenge. I've been grabbing small bits of time whenever I could, so when last weekend turned summery, we worked hard doing prep work. But for a gardener, yard work is actually enjoyable. The summery weather didn't last though, and today we got rained out from our usual Saturday yard work. Darn it! 

We're coming on the frost free date here in central Ohio. The "official" date is listed as May 15, but I generally plant the second weekend of May regardless. Because I buy so many different annuals for planting, it takes me awhile to gather everything I need, so I start buying plants before it's safe to actually plant them. Little by little, my sunny kitchen fills with plants! But meanwhile, the spring plants are outside blooming away, vying for my attention, which I gladly give. 

Sometimes I could swear that April is just a time for garden eye candy. 

The flowering trees are in glorious bloom in central Ohio. I have a few of these bloomers, but it just isn't enough. 

And then there are the tulips, the queens of my spring garden. I don't know why I am so crazy about tulips,  but they make my flower-loving heart sing the song of spring. I wish they would reliably return to my garden each spring, but since they don't, I have to replant every autumn. It's not an easy chore, but worth every moment, for me anyway. 

I was "hired" to make the two blankets below, so I didn't get to keep these. But as usual, I had fun making them. And I didn't catch but one sunset all month. In the spring, the sun sets in an awkward spot, and it's hard to catch. Soon it will swing around to my front porch, and I'll take more sunset shots again.

Thanks for stopping by Robin's Nest! I appreciate all of you.