Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall into Fall

Autumn is the most beloved of seasons, wouldn't you agree? The only problem is that fall often has to bear the burden of the winter that follows it. I've heard many people say "Well, I love fall, but I don't like how it ushers in the winter". That's not really fair is it? How about if we enjoy autumn on its own, without comparing it to the often despised season that comes after?

When the fall weather is pleasant and warm, and the trees have turned into a kaleidoscope of colors, I find myself driving off to my favorite parks to spend the afternoon. This one is a particular favorite, Chestnut Ridge. I can see the ridge off in the distance out my bedroom window, and will often joke that it is my mountain, even though it's just a small bump.

I wander around taking pictures of every little thing, but mostly I just sit and admire. It's time to breathe deeply, and start saying my goodbyes to the outdoor world for a few months.

Sometimes I have something important to think about or a problem to figure out, This is the perfect time for that. I find that my mind clears, my breathing slows, and solutions are easier to figure out. And so it was on this day.

Things looked  much brighter after my day at the park. I decided that I would indeed be able to tackle the problems that were looming over me. It would take time, and hard work, but I know I can do it. I'm tough like that.

So next time you need to figure out where to go next, grab one of those perfect fall days, and take it in. I'm sure you'll come up with your own solution in no time.