Friday, March 18, 2016

There's No Place Like Home...

Not too long ago, I posted about some changes happening in our lives. It has taken some time to settle, but we finally know everything. We thought job changes might send us out of state, but instead, we get to stay put!

Now I don't mind an adventure now and then, but home is truly best. We've been here in Ohio now long enough to put down roots. We like Columbus, we've made many good friends, and I've gotten involved in many activities. I became a master gardener, I belong to the garden club and a book club, plus I sing in several different music groups. It was sure going to be difficult to start over again with all of that going on. 

Our family doesn't live in the area, but they are close enough to visit often. And we do love our home and garden here. You garden lovers know how it is. You really do put your blood, sweat and tears into the place, right? 

I had already mentally prepared myself to go. It was frightening, but exciting too. I had already looked at real estate, scouted out a new church, even checked to see if my favorite stores and restaurants were nearby. In this way, I had hoped to make the transition a little easier. 

Still, I was pretty sad to think of moving far away. And thank goodness, I don't have to think about that again for awhile! 

Watching spring arrive here has been bittersweet this year, with thoughts of having to leave. Each new bulb popping up might have been the last time I saw them. So I snapped lots of pictures! 

One of the most frustrating parts was the uncertainty. There were so many things to put on hold till we knew for sure. For instance, I really did want to go ahead and place my annual seed order. But I didn't dare waste money on seeds that I might never use. It even became the signal for good news. If hubby got the final word to stay, he said that he would message me to "Buy seeds!". As you can see, I did just that. 

No sooner did the job situation resolve itself, than we ran out to buy seeds, put pansies in the window boxes, and ordered several yards of dirt to fill up the veggie garden. Now the old place is starting to feel like home again! 

And I didn't even have to click my heels together to get back here.