Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Wears On

Winter is starting to wear me down, which is funny when you think that the end isn't too far away. But can I make it through the next month or so? Last year, I had Siberian iris blooming by the end of February, but I doubt we'll see that again this year. It's cold and snowy, day after day. Phooey.
 Still, hubby and I keep remarking on the nearness of spring. "Soon it will time to plant peas" I said today. "Won't be long till I'm out fertilizing the lawn" said hubby.
It means we have hope! Spring will come, eventually. Do you think I can hold on till then? Or will I burst out crying next time it starts snowing again?
I think the biggest problem is that it's so darned cold all the time. Oh I know. I should wear a sweater, and slippers, and sit with a blanket around me. Well, I do all of those things and I'm still cold! And what happens when you have to go out into the world? Brrrrr!
Well, I'll make it through, I always do. I have my seeds all ready to go, and the plans for this years garden are all swirling around in my head. I'll be taking my Master Gardener classes in the spring, so I am fully expecting to be really, really geared up for a big garden year. Becoming a Master Gardener also means I'll be out working on the community gardens around town to fulfill my volunteer obligation. But that won't feel like work to me.
So throw your worst at me Old Many Winter, I'm ready. But if you'd consider leaving early, I'd consider it a personal favor. Got it?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swirling Sunset

My garden is still mostly asleep, so I decided to go back down to the pond for a winter sunset. This time, it was bitter cold, and the pond was frozen solid. It was just too cold to watch the sunset from anywhere but inside the car. I'd roll the window down, point the camera out, snap a shot, then quickly roll it back up again. I stayed for awhile this time, because the sunset slowly formed into a swirl as it set. I'll let the pictures tell the story from here.