Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The April Where We All Stayed Home

We're still locked down here in Ohio, as most places are. Some businesses will start up again soon, some will have to wait. Those that open will certainly look different. And yet hubby and I have mostly decided to remain cautious for awhile yet, until we see how it plays out.

I'm amused to see so many people jumping on the gardening bandwagon through it all. They've discovered what I've known for years, that gardening will soothe the soul. Of course my seeds were all ordered long in advance, but I went to order a couple of extras and was shocked to see them sold out of so many varieties. However, I'm pleased to hear that so many others will be enjoying gardening this year. Hopefully they'll continue on for years to come.

All this time at home has given both of us plenty of extra time to work in the garden. It's nice to be ahead of the game for once, and well prepared for the upcoming warm weather gardening. We've been working on cutting out new edges around all the borders, which is especially easy to do after spring rains pass through. I've transplanted stray plants, removed overly enthusiastic ground covers, started seeds, planted perennials, watched our spring vegetables sprouting, and often just admired whatever pops up. Each arrival has been marked with a flurry of photographs, and all those photos are promptly edited for use later. Yes, I'm definitely enjoying this gift of time at home.

But there are many disappointments to deal with during this Coronavirus pandemic, although I'm trying not to think about those. If I do start to dwell on the downside, it's just too disturbing to my psyche. So I put those thoughts away until later, and use the time to my advantage. I'm not sure when I'll see my family and friends again, or when I'll feel safe in the world. I'm particularly sad to miss my annual trip to the Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan, which of course has been canceled. But we've had many home cooked meals and fresh baked goods. The house is clean and organized, and laundry is usually caught up. I'm doing yoga by Zoom, and having my piano lessons by Skype. I've read several good books, and talked about them online. I'm craft painting anything that doesn't move, and crocheting up a storm. Hubs is not doing any business travel, and working from home full time for the first time in years. And the garden looks fantastic! These are the positives from our end.

Because I am missing the tulip festival, my own tulips have been especially appreciated this year. And there are still a few more to come. Oh how I love tulips!

We've also had time to watch the spring birds with more interest. We've seen many varieties that seem  new to us, but perhaps they've always been here and we just never noticed. Right now, a sparrow is loudly proclaiming that the birdhouse belongs to him, while a mama mallard has nestled underneath with her eggs, and the cardinals are once again playing tag. I've got news for that pesty house sparrow. You can't even fit in that birdhouse anymore. I put on a shield to keep you out, hoping that nicer birds move in. So go away already!

In a few days, it will be May. Our state will then begin lifting some restrictions. I personally think it's too soon, so I'll continue to be safe at home for the most part. Hubs has done all our grocery shopping with a mask on, during the senior hours. I haven't been anywhere other than closed car errands or porch drop offs, but I do have a plan for my first outing soon. I may be overly cautious due to my immune system being compromised, but I draw the line at my annual spring shopathon at the garden center. I have my detailed list ready, I've got a mask and gloves, and I'll be going during their senior hours for extra precaution. So I'm ready! I have a long list, and it's not the kind of thing I can trust others to take care of for me. After all, I can't hide inside forever.

Hopefully next month when I post here, we'll be through the worst of it, although it sounds doubtful. At least I have my garden for comfort, and hubs at home with me in our cozy nest. Be safe and well my friends!