Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Things

Our summer started out much wetter and cooler than normal. It did turn hot and dry as usual after that, but this week is already chilly like fall! I know that summer will be back, but it sure seems like a short season this year. So let's talk of summer things before it all fades away. 
Sailboat in St. Joseph

Sailboats on Grand Traverse Bay
We recently took a long weekend trip to Michigan, where we visited some of my favorite spots. Being nearly surrounded by water, you know you'll see beaches when you're in Michigan. I grew up on the west side of Michigan, so that's where we always visit. And being on the west side means that I'll want to see sunsets on the lake while I'm there. 
Sleeping Bear sunset

Sunset in St. Joseph/lighthouse under reno

St. Joseph sunset

Sunset glow on Lake Michigan

There were lake views, and sand dunes, and scenic sites at every turn. 
View from Two Lads Winery in Traverse City

Glen Arbor beach

Glen Lake overlook in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Dunes

But what I love best about summer is the garden in my own back yard. 
Black Eyed Susans with Munstead Lavender
Chinatown rose
Goldfinch in Chinese Fringe tree
The sunny suburban backyard that I call home plays host to many small visitors, and I welcome them to my garden with open arms. The sight of bees, butterflies, birds, and dragonflies just says summer to me. 
Monarch Waystation 
The first monarch visitor of this year
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Bumblebee enjoying nectar from Tequila Lime zinnia
Pearl Crescent butterfly
And what could be more summery than the very flowers that make up my garden? 
Birdbath and black eyed susans

Grandpa Ott morning glory
Black eyed susans with African Blue basil
Summer sunflower
Karley Rose grass

Tequila Lime zinnias with new washer ball

Queen Red Lime zinnias-the Queen of my garden! 
Well, I've spoken of all my favorite summer things. Now do you think that summer will come back? It's only August after all!