Thursday, February 29, 2024

February at Home

 February was a quiet month in the Nest, with not much going on. So I spent most of the month at home following my usual pursuits. I did a lot of reading, some crocheting, a little cooking, and lots of photo editing. Whenever the weather gets wintery, you'll find me going through old photos, trying to thin them out a little. Just how many photos does one need of the same flowers? Turns out, not as many as I thought at the time! 

Speaking of my usual pursuits, I didn't finish up a single craft project this month. Instead, I made progress on the neutral colors blanket I showed last month. I decided to skip another photo until it's actually finished. The only home projects I took photos of are a small valentine cake I made, and changing my tray over to St. Patrick's Day decor. I was busy, but it just doesn't show in my photos.

For lack of outdoor flowers, I did keep my vases filled with bouquets. 

We had a couple of pretty snowfalls in February, which gave me a brief window of winter scenery to enjoy. It really is the main reason why I like snow, it's so much prettier than bland winter views. 

But by mid month, the weather turned warm and my bulbs began to pop up. It's always a thrill for a gardener. 

And by the end of the month, I found blooms! Every year, I find something blooming by the end of February, and yet it always thrills me. I think it's because I lived most of my life in Michigan, and I don't think I ever saw flowers in February. But here in Ohio, I planted early bulbs, and they reward me every year. 

And so the quietest month comes to an end with my usual sky watching. I’ve always loved how much sky I can see from the Nest, it thrills me all the time. 

Thanks as usual for coming to see Life in Robin's Nest. I'm always grateful to "see" you here. March will surely hold blooms galore, so I'll look forward to posting next month. Winter does get a little drab around here, and spring should perks things up. Hope to see you then!