Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Marching into Spring

Spring is still pretty chilly here in Central Ohio. The whole month of March has come and gone, with very little improvement in weather. Temperatures are ever so slowly creeping up, but not nearly fast enough for us to enjoy any soft, spring sunshine. And yet, my spring flowers are blooming. It's as if they've thrown up their petals in frustration and said "Okay, I give up on this chilly weather. I'm blooming anyway!"

Iris reticulate with sedum Angelina
Pickwick crocus with bee visitor
Jetfire daffodils greeting crocus and sedum
While it hasn't been warm enough to get any serious garden cleanup going, it's still nice to see each one of these beauties popping up. Maybe I'm just wimpy when it comes to the cold, but you won't see me working out in the yard when it's this chilly. Brrrrrr, no way! I think my lower limit is about 60 degrees.

Crocus and sedum Angelina
Crocus, perhaps "Tommies" 
Dandelions count as flowers this early on
Loving this color combo! 
One good thing about this cooler spring weather is that the flowers stay in bloom much longer this way. My daffodils have been slowly peeking out since the beginning of the month, and here it is the end of the month and they still aren't all the way open. I hope that I still see this type of slow blooming once the tulips come out.

Unknown hellebore
Lenten rose hellebore
Yellow crocus
Another unknown crocus
Crocus and iris combo
Viola basket
We did slip away to Florida for a spring vacation, and the cool weather even followed us there. Okay, so it wasn't even close to being as cold as it was in Ohio, but it was still pretty chilly. Thank goodness the weather there is still warm enough for flowers. To me, flowers are one of the main attractions to a Florida vacation. And I saw many of them there. First we enjoyed a beach walk on Siesta Key, where we saw all of these beauties.

Dune sunflowers
Trumpet tree
Queen's Wreath
Then we went to visit Selby Botanical Gardens, and saw many more flowers. My winter weary eyes were grateful for it all.

Air plant garden art
Monarch on pentas
Butterfly garden at Selby
Selby garden art in Sarasota
Vinca garden art at Selby Gardens
Blue Sky flowers trying to match their namesake
But my favorite spot to see Florida flowers is at Epcot Center during their Flower and Garden Festival. Honestly, we didn't go on a single ride, although it wasn't for lack of trying. I just couldn't be bothered to wait in endless lines when there were flowers to see instead.

Wow spot at Epcot
Butterfly topiary at Epcot
Figment topiary with lovely flowers
Impatiens tower
Monarch in butterfly house at Epcot
When we returned from our trip, we found snow on the ground. My own flowers had basically remained in suspended animation the whole time, which wasn't all bad. Before we left, my daffodils were just about to burst forth, and it was somewhat warm, so I figured I'd miss them completely. Instead, they just stayed tightly closed until now. We're barely hitting 50 degrees lately, but we've had so much sunshine that they bloomed anyway.

First Jetfire daffodils
Jetfire daffodils
Jetfire daffodils
I'm hoping that April will finally warm up here. I'm grateful that we've avoided the endless snowstorms that are plaguing the east coast. But I'm ready for spring to feel like spring! Let's get this garden season in gear around here.

JB Boondocks in Howey-in-the-Hills FL
Sunset at The Plantation in Leesburg FL 
Ohio sunset
Siesta Key sunset
Leesburg FL sunset 


  1. The sedum is stunning and I love the combos you have with it. 'Jetfire' is my favorite daffodil. I have yet to plant any of them.

    1. I like to preach the virtues of sedum Angelina to all!

  2. I love your color combination with the crocus and sedum and colorful views of Selby and Epcot. I'm with you on going to a theme park to look at the blooms, and gorgeous they are!

    1. That sedum and spring bulb combo is a real favorite of mine!

  3. Spring is so.o.o late here, Beth. I have lots of crocuses, and some helebores are just beginning to open, but no mini iris. Thank you for sharing the Florida blooms -- what a joy! P. x

    1. Seeing flowers in Florida is one of the main reasons I go there!

  4. Loving your colors ! Have to check out the Selby gardens...like to go to Hollywood Fl. not sure if it's near by. Oh, it's still feels like winter here most days.

    1. Isn’t this everlasting winter weather just the most frustrating thing? Ugh.


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