Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Fast February

For the most part, it's been The Winter That Wasn't, here in central Ohio. There has been no measurable snowfall the entire month of February, allowing my spring bulbs to pop up mid month for an early arrival. We even had a couple of 70 degree days, which I used to do a little early gardening. Legend says this means true spring will be cold and snowy. I sure hope not. But in the meantime, it's been nice to have an easy winter. By calling this post Fast February, I was thinking that we were fast forwarding towards spring. As a matter of fact, we had tornado warnings today! Now that really says spring. 


I spotted my first crocus on February 13, and my cute little iris reticulata shortly after that. Soon, I found hellebores and violas in bloom, then more crocus and more iris. Right now, I've got little purple flowers popping up all over. They're so tiny, I doubt that anyone realizes they're there except for me. Today, I found my Jetfire daffodils in bloom! I don't think I've ever had daffodils in February before. 

Even with mild weather, it's still usually too chilly to do much outside. I still spend a lot of time following my usual pursuits until more consistent warm weather arrives. Remember the spinach and lettuce I found growing in the garden last month? I finally picked some, and made this beautiful salad with it. What fun to have fresh greens in the middle of winter! I often find salad to be a photo worthy meal, with all those colorful vegetables. And I did make us some valentine cookies for a treat, since we don't usually celebrate the holiday much otherwise. 

Needless to say, I have continued working on my crafts. First I tried watercolors. I'm not much good at it, but it doesn't matter. It was fun to play with the paints, and try new things. I have some more watercolor inspiration to try later. Next I completed an earth tone afghan that I made just because the yarn colors inspired me. Then I finished up a beach pebble birdhouse that I started last summer. I also painted myself a polka dot monarch butterfly, just for fun. I'm currently working on a Christmas afghan, in shades of red and white. It's working up quickly, so I'll likely be able to show it off next month. As usual, I decorated my little tiered tray on my kitchen island, first with an everyday look, then for St. Patrick's Day. 

And so February went quickly by, while I mixed in several good books to read, some yoga, some shopping, lunch with friends, and other small outings. The pleasant weather sent me down to Pickerington Ponds for a few sunsets, plus I enjoyed more of them out the back door. Can you spot which one of these is actually a sunrise instead of a sunset? Sure glad that you stopped by my blog to see what's happening in the Nest. Come back again next month!