Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Kind of March Madness

Can you see me doing the Spring is Arriving dance? Well, I'm doing it. The snow has finally melted away, and plants are starting to pop up and even bloom. It's about time! It all starts with my ever faithful Sedum Angelina. In summer, it's a bright green color, but once it gets cold, it turns shades of yellow, orange and red. When I see this emerge from the snow, it's time for spring to begin.

The blooms won't be far behind this display. First, little green spouts pop up everywhere.
Well, maybe some of the sprouts are purple. 
Then the blooms start with my iris reticulata. I started with these pretty periwinkle blue ones. It was a happy accident that they looked so perfect paired with sedum Angelina.

Once I saw how well they played together, I planted more iris under the sedum. I tried a few yellow ones, and then these pretty purple ones. The purple ones remind me of a grasshopper or a bird.
But I still like the periwinkle ones best.
Once the iris begins to bloom, I know the crocus won't be far behind.
And then the first of the daffodils will bloom. Who can resist their cheerful yellow heads bobbing in the garden?
When these early spring cuties pop out, it tells me that I need to get some pansies for a blast of quick color.
And I usually find it hard to resist the Reiger begonias found everywhere around Easter. This one will eventually find it's way into a pot outside, but for now, it's living in the kitchen. 

If it's just warm enough to have a few colorful pots sitting on the patio and porch, then I truly know that it's my favorite kind of March Madness.

Friday, March 6, 2015

I Give Up

Apparently winter has decided not to leave this year. I keep thinking that I will soon have some sprouts popping up, or something to interest me out in the yard. Well, all I have to look at outside is the blinding white of snow cover. It's very frustrating. I'd sure rather see something like this, wouldn't you?

My plans for the upcoming season are all in place. First order of business will be to expand the vegetable garden out a few feet at the ends. That will be hubby's project, and I'll be pestering him to do it just as soon as the ground is dig-able again. It has to be done sooner rather than later, because it won't be long before the cool season crops will need to be planted.

That's about it for the big projects. I do need to replace a mugo pine that quickly succumbed to some type of problem after ten years of health. I think the only reason that the two on either side of it didn't catch the disease is because a hard frost came along right then. I may have to replace all three. I do love them, even if they are susceptible to disease.

Otherwise it's business as usual. I'll have to keep an eye on the roses, because if they fall victim to rose rosette disease, it will mean reworking a very large area. I really don't want to do that.

There will be containers to fill,

and favorites to plant,

and other favorites that I'll be watching for their return.

 I'll have to fill the window boxes.

And I'll want to start my usual water garden full of goldfish. 

But if winter decides to stick around forever, I guess I'm out of luck. I know, spring will arrive eventually. I don't really give up. But you knew that, didn't you? Just hurry up, will you Spring?