Thursday, March 31, 2022

March in Ohio

March may not be the most beautiful month, but it does have a very hopeful vibe here in Robin’s Nest. By the time that March arrives, the worst of winter is behind us, and spring bulbs begin to bloom. Sure, the weather could be wintery at times, but for the most part, it’s getting warmer, and days are getting longer. Win-win! 

Early in the month, there were only hints of spring. 

In my anticipation of spring color, I went to Franklin Park Conservatory to see the blooms and butterflies. That place always lifts my spirits. 

But it didn’t take long until the first bulbs popped up. It’s always a race to see whether the crocus or iris reticulata will arrive first. This year it was a single crocus, then all the iris. There are a few color varieties of these small, early iris, but the blue of Harmony will always be my favorite. 

Soon there were crocus everywhere, followed by daffodils. 

Of course I supplemented with pansies. I usually put pansies into my window boxes before it’s actually safe for them. They don’t mind a little bit of cold, but they got a little cranky when we hit a cold spell. 

By mid month, I had flowers everywhere. But the thing is, many early spring flowers are so small as to be unnoticeable, except for daffodils. I know there are flowers to be seen, but I doubt the neighbors really notice them. 

The weather is so iffy in March, which means indoor  activities are still in order. So I made a pot of vegetable soup, decorated my table with a pretty bowl of yarn balls, worked on a butterfly puzzle, bought myself a bouquet, and made a dairy free pizza. I’ve been crocheting of course, but forgot to photograph my current project. I’ll show it off when it’s complete.

I placed a tiered tray in the middle of my kitchen island, and it’s been fun decorating this small area for the holidays. I started off the month with St. Patrick’s Day, then changed it over to Easter. 

And finally, some March sunsets from the Nest!