Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring Glory

I'm thinking of spring as a southern belle this year, even in Ohio. She has put on her fanciest gown, covered with all manner of ruffles, ribbons, bows, and lace. And then she has proceeded to charm us all.

The easy weather this spring has helped to make it quite glorious out there. You know you are in love with spring when your own flowers make you swoon.

I say these things not to brag over my own garden, but in awe of the wonder of spring. The cliche of spring bursting forth could not be a more accurate description. I check daily to see what's in bloom, and every day I find some new treasure.

Over the years, I've discovered many happy accidents. Once I happened on some small candytuft plants. It's not anything I ever planned to buy, as it seemed a little dull for my taste. But they were marked down, so I bought three. Well, those three have turned into many! Since they bloom at the same time as my tulips, they make a wonderful backdrop. What I thought might be dull, turned out to be gorgeous. They bloom together with creeping phlox, and together they've made a spring quilt that makes my eyes bug out. And neither of these plants ever asks a thing from me except lots of sunshine.

And as for my tulips, they have my heart. Yes I know they aren't reliably perennial. I treat them as annuals anyway. But they are worth the trouble to me. I'm not sure what it is about tulips that make us all so crazy in love. I suppose it's the wide variety of colors they come in. I have many happy memories of tulips, so that's part of my love affair.

Not much else to say about the glory of spring other than it's just plain wonderful. I simply wanted to share some of it here with my readers. Go out and enjoy it folks, it just doesn't last long enough!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

And Now It's Truly Spring

We've had a lot of ups and downs this year, but I think that's normal in spring. Other than the chilly start to today, it's truly spring, and looks like it. Isn't it wonderful? 

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome"---Anne Bradstreet. I remind myself of this every year, when winter drags on, and I start thinking that I should live somewhere warmer. I'd miss the change of seasons, wouldn't you? Part of spring's beauty seems to be the long, cold wait to see it again. 

I suppose this is basically the same post I do every spring. Winter is over, spring is here, hurrah! Sound about right? But you'll indulge me, won't you? It's hard not to gush over spring, when it arrives in the most beautiful fashion. 

It's been pretty rainy, so garden time has been limited. I don't mind too much. There's not quite as much to do now as there will be later on. Luckily my assistant (hubby) is not working such long hours this year, and should be able to return to his helper role in the garden. He's already cut down the grasses from last year, planted out the cool season veggies, helped put fresh soil in my window boxes, and begun to cut a fresh border edge all around. I'm grateful. 

It's always so fun watching the bulbs pop up this time of year. And while I love them all, soon the tulips will be here, and they really are my favorite. Just don't tell the other flowers I said so. 

Then there are the perennials that like to bloom during the chilly weather. These are the brave souls, who don't much mind having a random few snowflakes flying nearby. I suppose you could call them the tough guys, but they're much too pretty to wear the label of tough. Maybe I'll just call them stalwarts. 

With spring's arrival, the birds are suddenly seen in abundance here in Robin's Nest. I must have all the best bugs to eat, and all the best nesting material. It was quite busy here in the yard today, as I watched all of them flit about while having my morning tea. 

And so it goes, spring in Robin's nest!