Sunday, October 30, 2022

I Love October

 There are many of us out there, the fall lovers. But let me make it perfectly clear. I'm more than a fall lover, I am a fall FANATIC. 

Even though fall already brought some frost, there are plenty of spots still shining in the garden. But I have to admit that I don't do much work outside at this point, unless it's cleaning up something that was frost bitten. 

Instead of spending time in my garden in the fall, I spend time in Mother Nature's garden. When the fall colors start to glow, I begin to make the rounds of all my favorite parks. And it's not a one time thing either. I continue to visit the best spots over and over again, just so I can see the colors develop. This year was one of the most stunning that I can remember. 

And I always start at Blacklick Woods, it requires repeat visits. 

One of my favorite sights at Blacklick Woods is what I call the Magic Tree. It absolutely glows with color, and it changes so quickly that I have to keep a close watch on it. This sequence starts on October 3, and ends on October 17. 

My other favorite park is Chestnut Ridge, and it also requires multiple visits. 

It's a bit further drive to Blendon Woods, so I don't make quite as many visits here. Its main appeal is an actual fall color driving tour, with several hilly roads to drive. 

Sharon Woods is also farther out, but I find it particularly beautiful in the fall, and well worth the drive. Funny thing is, there's a lake in the park, but it doesn't seem to show off much in the way of fall colors. Plus there's a large flock of Canadian geese that think they own that part of the park, so it rarely makes its way into my photos. There's enough beauty without it.

Some parks only get one visit. They just aren't convenient, even though they're just as lovely as the others. This is Slate Run.

Alum Creek State Park is a new park for me. It's definitely not close by, but I had an errand up that way, so I thought I'd check it out. Glad I did. 

Inniswood is a botanical garden, not a Metropark like the others. Their landscape designer is talented indeed, and I notice that they are particularly good at layers and textures in the garden. Add in fall colors, and it's just stunning. 

But my biggest fall journey is when I head up to SW Michigan for a fall color tour. I grew up in that area, on the shores of Lake Michigan, and it calls me back for frequent visits. 

But it isn't only the fall colors that I go to see, it's the beaches. Even when the weather is dicey, I still love the beach. It doesn't have to be warm and sunny, and as a matter of fact, a chilly windy day is my favorite beach weather. It just feels invigorating. 

All my monarchs have been released. I'll miss them until next year! I'm still seeing them passing through my garden now and then. But as soon as we get a deep freeze, that will be the end for this year.  

It amazes me to see how many other critters visit my garden, especially during the cool fall days. We've had a lot of sunshine, so the butterflies are gathering on my verbena, especially the painted ladies, who come in large groups. I'm not sure why this frog finds my patio chair so interesting, but he can be found there often. 

I added some fall colors outside, and some where there naturally. When frost knocks out summer flowers, I often fill that space with pumpkins. 

Inside my nest, I like to tweak my fall decorations, and work on a few crafts. Below you'll see my Word Stones, designed to encourage people to make poetry. No one has visited lately, so I made my own poetry. The painted stones I make are left in the parks I visit, for others to find. As for the two matching afghans, my cousin ordered them. It took me awhile to make them, since I don't crochet much in the summer. But he loves them, so I'm pleased. The bouquets you see are frost bouquets, gathered before frosty nights arrive. 

Home sunsets are mostly found out the back door this time of year, but there haven't been many flashy ones this fall. But you know how much I love to watch the sky. 

Thanks for coming by to visit my Nest! You have no idea how much I enjoy knowing that people visit Robin's Nest. We're coming into the quiet winter garden months, so we'll have to see what there is to show at the end of November. See you then! 


  1. You have some beautiful pictures! Always enjoy seeing what you have growing there.

  2. Such beautiful views! The trees are beautiful and the field of sunflowers is spectacular.

    1. That field of sunflowers was tucked away where no one would see it, so I was tickled to find it!

  3. Gorgeousness! Love those October blue skies.

    1. I always love blue skies, they usually show up in September instead of October.

  4. Beautiful rainbow of leaves near the top of this post. Your word stones are adorable! October was stunning in your part of the world, Robin. P.x

    1. Stunning is exactly the word I used to describe autumn here this year. Not sure why it was so over the top beautiful, but I sure enjoyed every minute of it.

  5. Robin you have absolutely gorgeous photos here ! Your perspectives and transitions are wonderful! Every Autumn I swear I will get out around our area and take photos of the fantastic colours here and before I know it wind and rain have taken those leaves down. I love seeing the Monarch from cocoon to butterfly ... the sky pictures are beautiful .. and the beach ones as well ... they are all perfect ! There is something about how blue the sky is on a clear Autumn day isn't there ?

    1. Thanks so much Joy, I knew you’d enjoy them. We seem to enjoy the same kinds of nature views, don’t we?

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by to visit my nest!


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