Saturday, March 30, 2024

March in Ohio

 Like so much of the country, we had a mild winter here in Ohio, which extended into bizarre warm days in February and early March. I was wearing sandals by March 4th! All the plants began to wake up, and things started to bloom early. But by mid month, Mother Nature seemed to remember that spring is generally chilly in March, and she did an about face. We had snow and cold, and all the blooming was halted. Even my pansies weren't happy, and they don't usually mind a chill. I stuck pansy pots into the garage for days on end, and covered the other ones with heavy towels. But finally here at the end of the month, we seem to be past the winter weather. 

Although a few flowers peeked out last month, the warm weather in early March is what really made the difference. 

During that burst of warm weather early in the month, I knew that I'd hear the spring peepers singing at the nearby wetland area. I absolutely LOVE this sound, and it's much louder than you would think. This area is remote enough that I can usually just stop my car in the middle of the road, turn off the engine, and record right out the window. Keep in mind this video is meant to by heard, not seen! 

During the cold spell mid month, I went back to indoor pursuits. I crocheted a few cat toys, hung out my newly painted birdhouse, made felt flowers for my cord wreath, watched my Hoya plant bloom, finished my neutral crochet blanket, baked lemon cookies, and filled my favorite vase with orange carnations. I'm someone who just loves to add those extra touches around the house, whether it's fresh flowers, homemade cookies, new crochet blankets or other extras. 

In preparation for Easter, I put out a few decorations, mostly to celebrate spring. My favorite is the blue and white pottery bunny below, since it's Polish pottery. My husband is 100% Polish! 

I stopped in at one of my favorite autumn parks the other day, Chestnut Ridge, when I realized that I've never visited there in early spring. While most of the trees are still bare, I did find a big patch of forsythia, mossy trees, and a blooming serviceberry tree. Most of the white blooming trees seen right now are the dreaded invasive pear trees, but I noticed there were none to be seen at this park. Good! 

 Once the short spell of cold weather was past, the flowers began to bloom again, especially the hellebores.  And yes, I do have a pear tree! But I didn't plant it here, it was placed by the city we live in. It's at least 20 years old, so I doubt it will live much longer. In the meantime, it is pretty. Just don't tell anyone I said that. Ha!

My skywatching is tricky in the month of March, as the sunsets line up in a way that's harder to catch from my house. Soon enough, it will be back in the front where I can see it better. By cruising around nearby, I can always find other sunset views. 

Thanks for coming by to see what's going on in Robin's Nest this month. I always appreciate when you stop by here! Hope to see you at the end of April, where I'll surely have plenty of tulips to share. I even spotted one today, but I'll save that for next time. Till then! 


  1. Your blooms are much further ahead than ours here in IL. We have daffodils in bloom and magnolias starting to bud, but that's about it. Feb and March sounded a lot like your weather though with mild (and even warm) temps in Feb, but then March being very fickle and even cold. Now we've had rain for several days straight (so dreary and depressing) and tomorrow it's supposed to snow! I'm yearning for warm, sunny days SO bad lately. I think we'll finally be in the 60's next week, so crossing my fingers I can uncover the patio furniture and start on spring yard cleanup.

    1. The weather has really been jumping around, but still more advanced than usual. We did get a new garden zone designation, from 6A to 6B. I predict we’ll move to 7A by the next time they update.


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