Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Man Made Garden

Not all of the pretty spots in the garden come from plants. Now don't get me wrong, plants are the most important part, especially flowers. But there are lots of other touches made by man that can give your garden personal style. Containers are probably the most common way to add this personality. Both the container itself and the plants you put into it are important parts of the look. My front porch faces north, and is usually shady until late in the evening. So I generally put a fuschia in my wrought iron hanging basket. This year I found a pretty cream and pink version, not as garish as the usual hot pink and purple.
I also bought a wrought iron urn for the front porch, then had fun filling it with shade loving plants. I can't wait to see how it fills in throughout the summer.
An annual favorite for me is to have a mandevilla plant. I've tried several times to over winter them in my basement, but without success. This time, I've given it a more substantial and interesting trellis to climb up.
I love my new window box style container on the side of the garage along the front walk way! Because it's a big, blank wall, I wanted something to break up that big expanse. And I think it will still look interesting in the winter, even without greenery in it. Again, it should fill in nicely throughout the summer.
Do you get the impression that I like to use purple plants in my container gardens? This pot next to the garage is always done with bright green and purple, and is always my favorite. I no longer even bother using flowers for this one, just colored foliage.
 And don't you love the bright coral color of these zinnias? 
Other than containers, I don't have too many other man made touches in my garden, just a few things here and there. I do like my gazing ball.
 My kids bought me these wind chimes for Mother's Day.I think they suit my bohemian vibe.
One of the best man made touches to have in a garden is a bird bath. We have this right outside the back door, and enjoy watching the birds drinking and bathing while we eat. I think this juvenile robin feels right at home here in Robin's Nest!


  1. Robin - I found you!! I had lost you but tracked you down! LOL! I love the pictures of your flowers! So pretty!!

  2. Hi Robin. Your containers look so nice. That one on the wall was just the touch needed for that spot. It looks wonderful! I might have to come steal that bird trellis though. LOL!. So cute.

  3. I love all your garden touches Robin. I agree that planter on your garage wall is going to be great. Good idea. I am also loving your evergreen standard. Popped right out at me!!

  4. Those wind chimes are so cool! I also love the planter on the side of your garage, but how did you hang it?

  5. I could not agree with you more...on everything you said! I love containers, even though they are a problem here to keep watered. And I love "garden art!" I love old things and scatter them around my little back where I can! Be sure and post pics of that front porch plant as it grows!


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